• Andreas Leirich

5 "MUST HAVE" Attitudes as an Affiliate Manager

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

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1. Are you a team player?

Affiliate Marketing is acquistion and performance marketing but in order to maximize the profit you have to dig deeper and cooperate with your colleagues. Which departments can boost your performance numbers? Graphic Designers are working on your landing pages and banners. VIP & CRM Managers are keeping your affiliate tagged players active and their great work will reflect in your numbers. Business Intelligence will be able to help you out with reports required. SEO Managers can give you crucial advises about the affiliate website quality. Attend meetings with the Product Team & Country Managers and share your ideas in order to build a high lucrative gambling product. The best affiliate manager is worthless if his product is not competitive enough for the market. Your colleagues performance can boost yours. Be nice to them, be a team player!

2. Are you a sales person?

Do you know how to convince your affiliates to work with you? Some Gaming Affiliate Programs have been on the market for ages and the majority of the affiliates work with them already. If you are planning to work for a well known brand, your sales effort might be less as for a start up company. Affiliates know your brand and how it performs. However, if you are working for a start up company, more sales work will be required. You need to convince your affiliates to work with you and you will be a part of establishing the name of your program in the Gaming Affiliate Industry.

Do I really have to turn into an annoying control freak?

3. How about your negotiation skills?

An expensive deal or a wrong commission structure can lead to a high company loss. You might end up spending way more than you earn and have a negative Return of Investment (ROI). To avoid this you need to be a skilled negotiation person. Your aim as Affiliate Manager should be profit. In order to achieve this you need to find a healthy and sustainable middleway to reward your affiliate and end up with enough profit under the bottom line.

4. Ready to travel and meet new people?

There a several conferences in Europe organized by sizeable and well known companies. As an Affiliate Manager you have to stay updated with the latest trends and best Affiliate Newcomers of your industry. Ready to travel some of the most popular locations and meet new, similar minded people?

5. Control Freak

In order to avoid a company damage or a negative ROI you have to turn into a control freak. Once you agree on a cooperation with an Affiliate you have to control his numbers, his promotions, his reviews, his earnings, your budget, assuring everything goes align with your TNC's. Some of you might think now; Do I really have to turn into an annoying control freak? If you want to be professional, yes. What happens if you dont? There are many risks. The worst case would be a huge fine by the licence owners which can lead to bankrupt of your casino. Avoid it, be a control freak and know whats happening.